Frequently Asked Questions

What is Windyweek?

Windyweek is wind and weather forecast web app aiming to provide highly accurate local forecasts. It primarily targets people engaged with wind-dependent activity sports (windsurfing, kitesurfing, yachting, paragliding, etc.) but it can be used by just anyone who needs an accurate hyper local forecast.

Can I use the service for free?

Definitely. Make sure to sign up to get access to all the available free features.

How is Windyweek different from other similar online services?

Windyweek has few core benefits that make it stand out:

  • High resolution (more accurate) wind forecast. We provide our own forecasts down to 1km resolution which you can barely find anywhere else or if you do - it will be for an unreasonable price.
  • Extended long range forecast - out to 16 days ahead.
  • Lake water temperature. Innovative feature that can predict the surface temperature of your local favorite lake!
  • Frequent updates of the short range forecasts (from 1 to 3 hours). The frequent updates maximize the forecast accuracy and gives a nowcast nature to the forecast.
  • Modern look and feel and easy to use web app. Our app is responsive - whether it is on your phone or at a 23'' LCD monitor - it provides all the same great user experience.
  • No ads

How does the forecast work?

Windyweek uses state-of-the-art numerical weather forecast models for its weather prediction.
We use the GFS model for our long range forecasts and we run our own high resolution numerical weather forecast model based on the WRF model for our short range weather prediction.

What is a high resolution forecast?

Let's first explain what a resolution is. The model's resolution defines the geographic size of grid boxes in which the model performs its calculations. The smaller the grid box, the better the model can simulate localized features. With "high resolution" we mean smaller grid.

Why is a high resolution forecast important to me?

The high resolution forecast can simulate pretty local features such as sea breeze, thermal winds or funneling effects which are otherwise impossible to be "seen" by the numerical model running low or medium resolution forecast.

What regions are covered by the Windyweek forecast?

  • We currently cover different parts of Europe with 6km resolution (up to 87 forecast hours ahead) and selected regions with 1km and 2km resolution (36-63 hours forecast horizon). The short range forecasts are updated frequently varying from 1 hour throughout the day to 3 hours in the night.

  • The long range (1-10 days/13km resolution) and the extended long range forecasts (11-16 days/13km resolution) cover the whole Europe. The forecasts are updated 4 times per 24 hours at around 5h, 11h, 17h and 20h GMT times.

What forecast should I prefer - 1km, 2km, 6km or the long range one?

One should always prefer the highest possible resolution (i.e. 1km, 2km, 6km forecasts) when looking for a forecast in the next upcoming days.
When looking beyond the 4th day ahead, one should look at the long range forecast.

Is only the wind predicted? What about temperature, rain, snow and cloudiness?

We provide all the usual sensible weather parameters. These includes: temperature, wind speed, wind gust and wind direction, cloudiness, precipitation (rain and snow), humidity, mean sea level pressure.

How frequently does Wave Forecast update and what is the data resolution?

The Wave Forecast is updated daily at around 4:30 GMT time. The data resolution is 0.05 degree (~5km).
Wave forecast is courtesy of and Atmospheric Modeling and Weather Forecasting Group at University of Athens.

How frequently does Sea Surface Temperature update and what is the data resolution?

Sea Surface Temperature data updates daily at around 07:00 GMT time and it is powered by global hyper-resolution (1km) Sea Surface Temperature dataset.

Does Windyweek have a native iOS and/or Android app?

Our Android App is now available on Google Play.
We plan to roll out the iOS app by Q3'2017. Stay tuned for details.

What are the benefits of signing up vs. anonymous access?

  • Be able to see the extended long range forecast (beyond the 10th day).
  • Access to the Weather Maps.
  • Create private spots.
  • Maintain your own list of favorite spots for easier access.
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